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Moving In

On your move-in date, a check-in inspection will be completed by one of our staff members and the primary party to the lease. We will walk through the residence together, denoting the condition and making note of any items that need repaired on our Check-In/Check-Out Inspection Form. Upon completion of the inspection, keys will be given to you, and you may move in. Please note: You will not be able to move anything into the residence until a move-in inspection is complete.

  • Utilities should be transferred into your name by the date of possession.
  • Your first month’s rent is due when your lease begins, and should be paid by when you move in to your residence.
  • If you plan to have furniture or other items delivered, please do not schedule delivery of these items until AFTER you take possession of the residence.
  • Should you find items that may have been missed during the move-in inspection, simply submit a Maintenance Request, and we will take care of the repair.

Please note: During our busy move-in season, we will address any emergency repairs as quickly as possible. Minor repairs will be addressed once all of our properties are turned over. All repairs should be addressed within two weeks of possession.

We will try to accommodate requests for moving in early; however, there is no guarantee that we can make it happen. If you are granted an early move-in, you will be required to pay rent for those extra days. To calculate your prorated rent, we will use the amount of monthly rent, divide that by 30 days, and then multiply the amount by the number of days that you are in the residence before the lease start date. This amount is due in full when you move in, along with your first month’s rent.

Lease Terms

It is our goal to make your renting experience with us a pleasant as possible. Once you have moved in, it is your responsibility:

  • to keep your residence clean
  • to report any maintenance requests
  • to pay your monthly rent and utilities
  • to maintain a quiet and safe environment

Refer to the sections below for more detailed information:

Apartment/House Upkeep

While we do not expect everyone to keep their living quarters in pristine condition, we do expect you to take care of our property. Here are some helpful hints for rental living:

  • Take out your trash. All of our apartment complexes have dumpsters to dispose of your trash. Renters living in houses need to purchase trash tags from any local grocery for weekly trash pick up by the City of Bloomington. Do not let trash accumulate in or outside of your residence. Rodents and bugs are attracted to trash.
  • Decorating your residence. We know that you want to make your place feel like home – but you do not own this home. Therefore, residents may not paint the walls; remove/install carpeting; cause damage to property; change fixtures; change/add locks; or destroy/replace any of the provided appliances. We also do not allow pools, waterbeds, or dart boards. When in doubt, please refer to your lease or contact our office.
  • No smoking. All of our properties are smoke-free; however, residents and their guests may smoke outside of their residence. At some locations, we offer metal buckets filled with sand to extinguish butts. Please contact our office to obtain a bucket. Please do not flick cigarette butts into parking garages, over balconies, or into mulch.
  • Candles. The burning of candles and incense is not allowed.
  • Outdoor cooking. Cooking or grilling is not allowed on/in any of the sidewalks, balconies, entry passages, stairways, and other common areas. Barbeque grills, hibachis, smokers, or other outdoor cooking devices are not allowed. Use of this equipment is prohibited within 10 feet of any structure and would be a violation of the Indiana Fire Code.

Maintenance Requests

  • In-house maintenance staff. Maintenance issues that are reported to us during business hours can often be addressed that day. Please contact us as soon as you are aware of issues.
  • After hours emergencies. Should you have a maintenance emergency in the evening or on weekends, please call our office at 812.339.8300 and listen to the message for our after hours phone number.
  • Accidents happen. We know that accidents happen: shot glasses end up crushed in a garbage disposal; doors “accidentally” get kicked in; or fists end up “mysteriously” meeting walls. Should an accident happen, we ask that you call in a maintenance request so that we can address the issue. It is much easier for us to take care of the issue when it happens, rather than waiting until check out. Please note, you (or the persons(s) involved) may be charged for these damages.
  • Lightbulbs. When you took possession of your residence, light bulbs were provided. Should a light bulb burnout, it is your responsibility to replace the light bulb. If we provide you with lightbulbs, you may be charged for the replacements. There are some specialty light bulbs that we replace free of charge.
  • Snow removal. Bloomington city ordinance requires that all places of business and residences must clear their sidewalks within 24-hours of a snow storm. We have crews that will take care of snow removal, and we try to do so in a timely manner.

Rent and Utilities

  • Rent payments. Monthly rent payments are usually due on the 8th or 18th of each month (2021-2) or the 7th or 17th of each month (2022-23). If you are unsure, please refer to your lease document. As per your lease, if rent is past due, we can assess a late fee of $5 per day until the rent is paid in full. If you are waiting on student loans, government loans or other funding, please let us know.
  • Manage your utility bills. Now that you are on your own, mom and dad will not be around to remind you to turn off the lights, to close the refrigerator or to manage the temperature. Everything you plug in, turn on or connect to uses electricity. You can control those charges by turning off unused lights and appliances and controlling your thermostat. Some residents choose budget billing through Duke Energy and CenterPoint. You pay a set fee for the utilities throughout the year, which ultimately eliminates the sticker shock of a winter heating bill.
  • Water issues. Any water issues (running toilet, leaking pipes, dripping faucets) should be reported to us immediately. Failure to report these items will result in increased water bills.
  • Do not disconnect your utilities. Electricity, gas (where applicable) and water must remain in your name and connected through the entire term of your lease.

Quiet and Safe Environment

  • Quiet hours. When you signed your lease with us, you agreed to our Quiet Hours Provision. Quiet hours are from 11:30 pm to 8:00 am. If we receive complaints from neighbors, we will take action. We promise a quiet environment, and we expect our residents to uphold that promise.
  • Fire extinguishers and smoke detectors. As tempting as it may be, fire extinguishers are not toys. They should not be tampered with or used for recreational use. If one is used out of necessity or “accidentally,” please report it to us immediately so that it can be replaced. Smoke detectors may not be removed or disabled.
  • Illegal activities. Use and/or possession of illegal drugs, underage drinking, or other illegal activities are prohibited. If residents are suspicious of any illegal activities taking place at any of properties, we encourage you to contact us or contact Bloomington Police.
  • Lock your doors and windows. To protect yourself and your belongings, you should always lock your doors and windows. Never leave your residence unlocked. Should you get locked out of your residence, it is better to contact us to get a spare key, even if it is after hours. Kicking in a door or breaking a window will result in fees to repair and/or replace doors and windows.

By following these guidelines, it will help you return the residence to us in great condition when you move out, which will in turn help you get your deposit back!

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