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Preparing to Move In

Now that you have signed a lease with us, here are items that you will need to take care of prior to taking possession of your apartment/house:

1. Contact our rental office to schedule your move-in date/inspection at least10 days prior to your planned move-in date. For 2023-24, the move-in date will be on or after August 16, 2023; but you will need to check your lease to confirm the date. You cannot take possession or move in to your residence until your check-in inspection is completed with our staff. You will meet us at our leasing office (444 E Third Street) at your appointment time. If you miss this time, you may need to wait until we have another opening on the schedule. We will have some additional paperwork to complete, and then we go to the apartment for the inspection. Only parties to the lease will be involved with the inspection. After the inspection, we will turn over the keys and you may begin moving in. It should take no more than 30 minutes to complete the entire process.

2. Contact the applicable utility companies to have utilities transferred into your name effective your move-in date. You will need the address and apartment number (where applicable). Please check your lease to confirm which utilities are your responsibility, and the date that you take possession of the residence.

* Residents of 320, 330, 334, 344, and 352 S Dunn Street; and 444 E Third Street do not need to have water transferred. Water meters are read by Burnham Rentals staff, and you will receive a monthly bill from us for water.
* High-Speed Internet is provided for residents 320 S Dunn Street and 444 E Third Street. If you wish to have cable television, we recommend Xfinity as is most compatible with our system. Be advised that it is not wireless, so you will need an Ethernet cord and a wireless router if you want wireless access in your apartment.

Bloomington Utilities

AT&T 800.742.8771
CBU (City of Bloomington Utilities – water) 812.349.3930
CenterPoint Energy (gas) 800.277.1376
Duke Energy 800.521.2232
Xfinity 877.237.0576

3. Your first month’s rent is due at your move-in appointment. Subsequent rent payments are generally due on the 16th (for new residents) or on the 7th for returning residents You will not get an invoice or notice from us, so please set up a reminder in your calendar or payment system and include your apartment number on any payments. If you are planning to establish automatic rent payments from your bank, we will provide you with an ACH Withdrawal Form. We also accept Chase Quick Pay and Zelle, personal checks, money orders, cash, or credit cards; however, there is a 3% service fee for credit card transactions. Payments can be made at our leasing office, or you can mail them to Burnham Rentals, PO Box 1248, Bloomington, IN 47402-1248.

4. As per the lease, residents will need to purchase personal liability insurance before taking possession of the apartment. If you would like to work with a local representative, we recommend Linsday Schnarr with State Farm at 812-332-FARM. She is familiar with what is required and would be more than happy to help. If you prefer to purchase the required insurance form another company, you will need to provide us with written proof of compliance on or prior to August 17. Your insurance company will be required to provide notice to us within 30 days of any cancellation, non-renewal, or other material change in your insurance policy. You agree to obtain liability insurance with a minimum amount of $100,000 covering property damage and liability and to include Burnham Rentals in the insurance certificate as “Additional Interested Party” or “Additional Certificate Holder”.

6. There are multiple parking options for our residents. Please bring your license plate number with you for your move-in appointment. We do not provide any guest parking.

  • Surface lot parking is available at no charge to residents of 330, 334, and 336 S Dunn Street, 404 S Fess Street, 411 Henderson Street, 808 E Hunter Street, 1955 N College Avenue, and all rental houses.
  • Reserved garage parking is available to residents at 344 and 352 S Dunn Street at no charge.
  • Paid reserved garage parking is available to residents at 320 S Dunn Street ($700 per vehicle for the year) and 444 E East Third Street ($600 per vehicle for the year). As per the lease, residents in two- or three-bedroom units may be assigned to a double-stacked parking space. Payment is due in full at move in (refer to the rent section for payment options).
  • We do not have a parking lot for residents of 203 E Eighth Street/408 N Washington Street. Street parking is available through the City of Bloomington (see below).
  • You can also obtain a street parking permit through the City of Bloomington Parking Operations. Permits are $48 for the year (2022-23 pricing). You will need a copy of your lease to apply for a street parking permit.

5. You will want to submit a change of address through the U.S. Post Office. If there are online merchants that you frequent or other mail subscriptions, you will want to update your shipping address.

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