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Preparing to Move In

Now that you have signed a lease with us, here are items that you will need to take care of prior to taking possession of your apartment/house:

1. Contact our rental office to schedule your move-in date and check-in inspection 10 days prior to your planned move-in date. For 2021-22, the move-in date will be on or after August 18, 2021; but you will need to check your lease to confirm the date. You cannot take possession or move in to your residence until your check-in inspection is completed with our staff. If you show up to check in without a scheduled appointment, there is a chance that you will have to wait until time opens on the schedule.

2. Contact the utility companies to have utilities transferred into your name. You will need the address and apartment number (where applicable). Please check your lease to confirm which utilities are your responsibility, and the date that you take possession of the residence.

* Residents of 320, 330, 334, 336, 344, and 352 S. Dunn Street; and 444 E. Third Street do not need to have water transferred. Water meters are read by Burnham Rentals staff, and you will receive a bill from us for water.
* Internet is included for residents of 320 S. Dunn and 444 E. Third Street. Please note that this not wireless – there are wall hook-ups. If you want wireless connectivity in your apartment, you will need to purchase a wireless router.

Bloomington Utilities

AT&T      800.742.8771
CBU (City of Bloomington Utilities – water)     812.349.3930
Comcast/Xfinity     877.237.0576
Duke Energy        800.521.2232
Vectren (gas)     800.277.1376

3. If you are planning to establish automatic rent payments from your bank, you can set this up before moving into your residence. At this time, we do not accept Electronic Fund Transfers other than Chase Quick Pay. If you plan to have a check from your bank mailed to us, the mailing address is:

Burnham Rentals
PO Box 1248
Bloomington, IN  47402-1248

Please note your apartment location and number in the memo line: (ex. 444 E. Third #100)

4. For Chase Quick Pay, you will need to login to your Chase account and authorize a funds transfer to our account ( Please denote the apartment address on the transaction (ex. 444 E. Third #100). The phone number is 812.339.8300.

5. Submit a change of address through the U.S. Post Office.

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