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Paying Your Rent

Monthly rent payments are usually monthly and are based on your lease start date. If you are unsure, please refer to your lease document for your rent payment date. If you are planning to establish automatic rent payments from your bank, you can set this up before moving into your residence.

If you plan to have a check from your bank mailed to us, the mailing address is:

Burnham Rentals
PO Box 1248
Bloomington, IN 47402-1248

Please note your apartment location and number in the memo line: (ex. 444-100, 411-02, 404F)

We accept Chase Quick Pay/Zelle, you will need to access your Chase account and request a payment to our account. We also accept all major credit cards; however, there is a 3% service fee for credit card transactions.

As per your lease, if rent is past due, we can assess a late fee of $5 per day until the rent is paid in full. If you are waiting on student loans, government loans or other funding, please let us know.

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